HBOMax just launched and one of the original shows you can check out is ‘Love Life’. Well, actually; you can check out the first three episodes. I wish all ten episodes had dropped, because I was really enjoying this anthology series. As someone who can sometimes find Anna Kendrick charming and sometimes find her a bit grating, I liked her in Love Life. She was fun, charming, and relatable. It also didn’t hurt that Scoot McNairy is playing a recurring character in the series, but I enjoy the show either way.

The Path to Love

Love Life is a little bit of ‘Girls’ and a little bit of ‘Sex and the City’ all rolled in one. Kendrick plays Darby, a young woman in New York who goes through the dating woes, just like all of us. In each episode, Love Life explores Darby’s relationships with various people and how each one has affected her. There’s clearly something the show is leading to and we’re along for the ride.

Not only is Kendrick likable, but she’s relatable. Not only in her love life, but also the point in her life. We all have moments where we question which direction we want to go in. We feel like we’re stagnant or stumbling. It’s not easy finding your path after college and living in New York City, the grind is real and often not easy. There are certain social groups we fill like we’re imposters in and sometimes, we need a reminder of who our friends are. Perhaps, the biggest lesson in Love Life is that no matter who comes and goes in your romantic life, your friends are always there for you.

Rating: 4/5

So far, we’ve met Augie, Danny Two Phones, and Bradley. Since McNairy plays Bradley, he’s my favorite, but I do like Augie as well. We’re only three episodes in, so there’s more to come. I’ve seen certain articles bashing Love Life. It’s not Shakespeare, obviously; but it’s slightly mind-numbing, it’s easy, and a little bit uplifting. So far I’m enjoying this HBOMax original and I look forward to following Darby throughout the series.

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