Henry Cavill has been busy promoting his upcoming Netflix series, The Witcher, which had a great panel over the weekend at Comic Con. One lucky fan, Roger Roecken, ran into Henry at an establishment nearby where it seems Superman became a topic of discussion.

Of course the tweet was going to get fans asking what did Henry say about Superman to which Roger tweeted

Eneba Many GEOs

I think fans have always understood the importance of the role to Henry but cannot imagine why WB has yet to move on a sequel to Man of Steel. The fans in the Twitter thread speculate that Henry dropped out of the role because Superman was not going to be used in any future projects and Cavill instead chose to focus on Witcher. We did see a glimpse of Superman in Shazam but without us actually seeing who the actor was in the suit. Henry has been in and out of negotiations with Warner Bros for several months, with even some speculating that he is done playing the role. No official word from Warner Bros, Henry or his managers have led any credibility to those rumors.

If WB does decide to move on another Superman movie the real question is do they call Henry back or has the bridge been burnt? There is no doubt in my mind that Henry would jump at the opportunity to play Superman again so the ball really is in WB’s court.

Do you want to see Henry return or would you like to see someone else take on the role? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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