College football is back and it’s here to stay. After a difficult few years, changes in the game and the return of fans have helped college football thrive once again. Here are the biggest factors that are helping college football to make a comeback.

Super seniors

The NCAA’s recent allowance of players to play up to four games and still take a redshirt year has given schools the opportunity to give additional playing time to key players before entering the NFL draft. “Super seniors” are players who would have entered the draft earlier but for this new rule – now they can play more games and bulk up before entering the draft. This allows for these “super seniors” who are really only one year away from entering the draft but need an extra season in order to bulk up or become more accustomed to the speed of the game.


After being kicked off major NCAA football teams, many athletes have been transferring to smaller schools. This helps competitive balance across the nation because more teams have a chance to win and compete for a championship in college football.

Transfers help level out competition and provide an opportunity for players who may not be able to play big-time NCAA football at the moment, but are still talented enough to play.

Great entertainment

A lot of the best college football games in history have been in the past few years. Some of these games include Alabama vs. Georgia, Alabama vs. Clemson, Ohio State vs. Michigan, Alabama vs. LSU, and more. College football is truly becoming one of America’s favorite sports to watch again due to its great entertainment value.

This growth in quality and entertainment has accompanied a growth in sister industries associated with the game. For example, merchandising and media. You can even use college football to gamble online. The point is that college football is providing great entertainment in a variety of mediums.

Fans are back

After a few difficult seasons, fans are coming back to college football. People love watching great games and they’re loving the quality of college football right now. This has led to an increase in attendance and viewership of the sport.

Playoff expansion

The college football playoffs are expanding to six teams. This has led to even more excitement and anticipation, as fans will get to look forward to two additional games over the course of the season. These additional games mean more opportunities for great entertainment value in college football.

This growth in quality is attracting new fans while satisfying old ones.


New Year’s Day Six games

Since the BCS was developed, college football fans have enjoyed the New Year’s Six games. These are six of the most prestigious games at the end of each season. They include the Rose Bowl Game, Sugar Bowl, Orange Bowl, Cotton Bowl Classic, Fiesta Bowl, and Peach Bowl. These six games are tremendous entertainment value and have always been some of the most-watched games on television every year.

These six games have also traditionally paired two highly ranked teams against each other, leading to even more fan anticipation for these events.

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