High School Musical: The Musical: The Series is back! Disney announced earlier today that the Disney+ series has entered into production. The second season is set to focus on the class preparing for Beauty and the Beast. The series will include reimagined musical numbers from High School Musical and Beauty and the Beast. There will also be brand new songs debuted as well. The second season is set to debut in late 2020.

Photo credit: Disney+

Eneba Many GEOs

Joe Serafini (“Seb”) will be a series regular in season two, joining Olivia Rodrigo (“Nini”), Joshua Bassett (“Ricky”), Matt Cornett (“E.J.”), Sofia Wylie (“Gina”), Larry Saperstein (“Big Red”), Julia Lester (“Ashlyn”), Dara Reneé (“Kourtney”), Frankie Rodriguez (“Carlos”), Mark St. Cyr (“Mr. Mazzara”) and Kate Reinders (“Miss Jenn”).

“High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” creator Tim Federle also serves as executive producer of season two.

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