How Do You Get Free Skins On CS GO 2021?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive lures players in with a variety of items, especially the popular cosmetic items called “skins”. Using them, you can completely change the appearance of your knife, Desert Eagle, or any other weapon. You can earn them, exchange, trade, or open cases to get them.

There are many websites that will help you get skins for free or with minimal investments. One of the most trusted and popular platforms,, allows you to practice opening cases and get rare & expensive skins in the best conditions and at the most affordable prices.

You can randomly get the skins, after which the item will become yours and you can immediately send it to your Steam account and make deals. At BloodyCase, you can win an item that is much more expensive than the case itself; the site uses a modern, well-thought-out mathematical algorithm, which transparently shows your chances for a victory. Being loyal to its users, the website even offers protection from losing skins!

Below, you will find all the existing ways to get CS:GO for free skins!

Take part in Tournaments

It’s quite a routine way to get free skins, but it works! You can participate in different competitions where there is any prize fund. This is the best choice for those who have a high rank and level of play.

You can get started with a trivial platform like Faceit. Having gained access to the paid status, the player will be able to participate in different ladders, tournaments, earning both expensive CS:GO items and money on this.

Start your Broadcast

This is a much more difficult option than the one mentioned above. You can broadcast live videos on different platforms, such as Twitch.

When you will gain a minimal audience, you can start receiving various items as donations. Keep in mind that you will have to provide high-quality, useful, or just funny content in return.

Find Freebie websites

The bottom line is that there are online projects that are somehow related to CS:GO items. And they need someone to bring them customers.

Such a website will pay you money for each of them, as well as they will pay the customer. Some sites give away a small number of items for simply logging in!

CS:GO Skins

Use Giveaways

It’s not the best way to get free skins but it’s a working one.

Check out some CS:GO forums and social networks: you can find various groups and topics for distribution, where authors are giving away some cheap stuff for free.

Save up some items and trade

The point is to start participating in various competitions and side-by-side matches weekly. This way, you can acquire some cases. As soon as you have a lot of them, you can start selling your items. This option is somewhat similar to giveaways.

Prize draws

Another option that isn’t perfect but still, it works. You need to participate in various draws and hope that things will work in your favor. 

This method is certainly not bad! True, it is worth participating only in those draws that were created by the guys you can trust. Otherwise, it doesn’t make much sense.

Completing tasks

If you are too lazy to do the things mentioned above, you can try completing tasks that some of the specific websites offer. 

You can choose viewing ads, or perform some actions on social networks. For all this, you will gain some award points and use them to buy skins you like.


Although we do not recommend using such methods, nevertheless, this is also one of the working ways to get skins for free.

This method involves tricking other players to earn yourself some skins. There are a lot of schemes that you can find on the Web, you just need to choose the one that suits you most.

Keep in mind that you can lose your account for doing such things!