Recently, I posted an article on possible ways the MCU can resolve the issues caused by Infinity War. As we contemplate those possible scenarios, there is a television show that is nearing the end and requires some intervention. Marvel’s Agents of Shield.

First off, I thought that ABC did the show a disservice last season by waiting so late to confirm their renewal. It had to put the writers in a box by not knowing whether to set up for next season or to wrap everything up. As it was, I thought they did an excellent job of balancing the two. If it ended, they put “Philinda” fans in a happy place with Coulson and May together for what was expected to be the time Coulson had left. At the same time, they embraced the future possibilities by putting Mac in charge of the team while still having most of his major agents intact…except…? Why did you have to kill Fitz? Or Fitz ver. 2, or as Dr. Emmett Brown might have referred to him, “future boy.” Even if you accept the premise of the “frozen” Fitz floating somewhere in space on Enoch’s ship, that was hard to take.

Eneba Many GEOs

So at this time, we have a dead or dying Coulson (probably with a HUGE smile on his face after his time with the ageless wonder Melinda May) and we have Jemma and more than likely their unevaporated Grandson Deke searching for Fitz 1.0. While the rest of the team is trying to get in the good graces of the public while re-initiating their purpose of being a “Shield” for mankind.

So what can we expect this possibly last season? I fully expect Jemma to find the Fitzcream sandwich and with Enoch’s help, thaw him out. This opens up many different plots where Jemma has to explain what has happened and why it is no longer necessary for him to go into the future. She also has to explain how she is with their adult Grandson. Then comes the discussion of how they were married but may need to get married again. Actually that would probably be necessary anyway as their previous nuptials were more for team morale and not really binding. Unless?…Coulson had obtained his online ordination from the “Shield Home Universal Course for Knowledge Solutions,”also known as S.H.U.C.K.S. Perhaps he relied on the idea that he is “Captain” of the Zephyr. Maybe THAT would allowed him to legally marry people. It could have happened. He was a cool that way.

Here is where the writers need to get creative to make things right, since they have a whole twelve episodes to play with. They need to find a way to resurrect the aforementioned Agent Phillip J. Coulson. They did it before…and that was for a blade right through the chest by Loki. Didn’t prove very “Loki” for him. (By now you have to expect that kind of bad pun). Perhaps they can say he was a victim of the great “SNAP!” and when they found a way to reverse it, he was somehow cured. Maybe Mac and crew will find another dose of the “centipede” potion that “Quake” took to defeat Glenn Talbot’s “Graviton.” I’m scrambling for solutions here. Looks like another job for the GVNation. How do you think all the lose ends can be tied up in a scant 12 episodes? Put on your capes or your Shield Badges and get on it. Marvel’s Agents of Shield returns in 2019.

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