How to Combine Learning and Gaming: Useful Tips For Students

Playing is incredibly important. When we’re younger, it is our ‘job.’ Ideally, as we get older, we approach our life, that is, our work and our relationships, with the lessons we’ve gleaned from those early years.

But ‘play’ isn’t just for kids. We all play. Gaming today is synonymous with video games, and that will be the crux of this guide. Not board games or sports – gaming. The time-sucker, the procrastination-station. For some of us, it is a panacea for the ills in our life—a chance to escape reality.

Students who game will probably be aware of the pitfalls of gaming too much. Essay Writer Simulator is, for a good reason, not a popular – or even existing – video game. We’ll dive into how to manage learning and gaming soon, but first, we want to discuss the positives of gaming. There is no point in damning yourself because you’re enjoying something fun.

My essay writer friends find that video games are a great distraction from the intensity of coming up with a stunning dialectic deconstruction of whatever it is they’re studying. We can let out frustration and find happiness in playing video games.


Tip #1 Be Social About It

Gaming is social. Whether you are playing against a friend or a stranger, find a way to interact. Get a headset. Join a Discord server. In a world under lockdown restrictions, the virtual world is where we can most safely interact. Now more than ever, people want to communicate. Take it easy and enjoy the shared attention – you might make some friends along the way too.

Tip #2 Understand Addiction

Gaming addiction is a real thing. It might be easy to look at your friend and see that they’re gaming to excess. However, can you do the same for yourself? Phones today come with screen-time applications which provide an insight into how much time you’re spending there. The same doesn’t happen with video games. Instead of trying to spot addiction this way, look at the decisions you make around gaming.

Considering how often you have preferred to stay in and play a game versus doing something ‘in the real world’ alone isn’t a great barometer because there is nothing wrong with wanting some alone time. The crux of addiction is something taking over your life and stopping you from completing the necessary things. If you stop going to work, completing assignments, attending lectures, there is a problem. Full stop. Are your relationships turning sour because you’re more in love with your controller?


Tip #3 Make The Time Count

When gaming, as mentioned earlier, it is vital not to feel guilty about it. Of course, that goes out the window if you’re trying to justify 16-hour slogs. In this instance, I’m talking to the casual gamer. If you’re in this position, set a timer when you start to game and be real with it. No resetting it after a match goes badly, and you want to do-over.

Beyond the actual time that you’re playing, think about scheduling in some game time. Make it something to look forward to, not a distraction to slip into when things get hard. Maybe invite friends over, or simply enjoy your own company.

Routine and habit are two different things. Habit is the cruel beast that ends up with you falling into an activity without being truly present. How many times have you slashed and robbed in that way? It isn’t even enjoyable anymore, merely predictable. On the other hand, a routine is positive; it is empowering to check off things on your to-do list. So add ‘play some video games’ to your list. That way, you get to feel content about gaming and ticking off a task for the day.

A Vignette on Student Gaming

Imagine you have just bought a new game, a not inconsiderate expense for a student. Now you’ve got three deadlines next week, but you’re sinking five to six hours a night into the game, not the essay. In this case, as a student, you might look for an essay writer online to ease the burden. If you are a responsible cheater, you will probably spend a lot of time researching reviews about writers at websites such as essaysadvisor. But are you getting the most out of your education if you do so?

I’ve found that using an essay writer free of charge doesn’t help my grades. So paying for insight, editing, and helping to conceptualize topics I struggle to nail down. The best essay writers online are capable of providing this kind of assistance. Games activate our executive function. When playing them, we have to make decisions in a logical and ordered way. We have to fulfill objectives to achieve success, just like in education.

These are transferable skills, so take them from the gamer within you, give them to the student, and then a fully-fledged adult. In this way, we can feel good about the skills we build from playing games and put them into practice in other elements of our lives.

So don’t throw away the console; you have to be realistic about how much time you’re spending on it. But remember the positives, avoid feeling guilty about making yourself happy. Perspective can create a self-fulfilling prophecy. It is your task to make it a good prophecy. How’s that for a game? You can find a lot of useful articles on technology and video gaming over at Discover Geek.


Gaming For Good

The essential ingredient for combining gaming and learning is resilience. There are ways to build this: resolving, exercising, meditating, and sleeping well. These things are the bedrock of performing well at school or in the game. Remember to be honest when appraising your game time and take action sooner rather than later if you feel something is wrong. If it does feel wrong, you may consider talking to an addiction therapist, privately or through your education institution.

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