Instagram is one of the most popular social networks around. Since Facebook bought Instagram back in 2012, the app has gone from strength to strength, with the birth of influencer culture increasing its cultural cachet in the public eye. There are so many entrenched ideas and processes in Instagram that it can feel very difficult to attract followers if you’re just setting out on the platform. We’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you bring in new followers and establish yourself as an Instagram legend. Read on if you want to know how to supercharge your follower count and become the social media genius you know you can be.

Post regularly

First and foremost, you should always be looking to post on your Instagram regularly. That means you shouldn’t be going more than a day or two without posting unless you have a very good reason. Of course, quantity should not trump quality, but if you can, try to post quality content at least once a day. If you cannot quite stretch to that, then posting every couple of days is OK too. The most important aspect of this point is consistency. If your followers do not know when you are due to post, they might get bored waiting for new content and pay more attention to someone who does post regularly.

Look into follower services

Some people give Instagram follower services a bad rap, but there is no reason not to think about using them. It is hard to get a leg up in the Instagram world; many influencers and content creators are constantly jostling for prominence. Services like ProfileFollower offer free and paid tiers that can give you lots of followers quickly and easily. You should never, ever opt for a service that fills your account with bots; this is both a false way of growing your profile and can also sometimes be problematic from a security perspective. Make sure the followers are genuine before you purchase a service!

Follow trends

When you are crafting your content, be careful with the hashtags you’re using. Instagram provides a way to see whether a hashtag is popular or not, and you should use that every time you’re thinking of posting an image or video. Let’s say you’re a gaming influencer. Using hashtags like #gaming and #gamers is fine, but those are quite broad topics. It’s a good idea to search for hashtags specific to the kind of content you’re looking to create, as this is likely to draw in followers who are looking at that hashtag for new content to check out.


Partner up with brands or other influencers

Collaboration is a great way to increase your follower count. Reaching out to other influencers or brands can result in an exchange of followers that’s beneficial for both camps. Actually collaborating couldn’t be easier – simply find a user or brand that you want to work with and message them outlining your idea for the collaboration. It’s a good idea to go into this conversation prepared; simply saying “I want to collaborate” won’t be as effective as having a fully thought-out plan for the nature of the collaboration. You should also try to reach out to brands and influencers working within a similar content field to yours.

Utilize cross-promotion

Use other services like Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok to promote your Instagram content. Social media works much better when you integrate all your platforms together. That way, you can show people who may not already use Instagram where they can find you on that platform. If you have an official website for your brand, then you should also be placing social media links on that website. This means customers or followers who find you through the website will also know where to look if they want to find you on social media.

Engage with people

If your followers think you’re engaged with what they want and what they think, they’ll recommend your content to other people. To increase engagement with followers, try replying to comments often and checking out the content of people who follow and engage with you. If people comment on your content and don’t receive any kind of reply or acknowledgement, they’ll think you’re distant and won’t want to engage with you anymore. Engagement is crucial if you want to increase your follower count; the more people see you engaging, the more they will think it’s worthwhile to follow you.

Be interactive

This point goes hand in hand with engaging with your followers, but it’s not quite the same thing. If you want to increase your follower count, try posting content that encourages users to interface with it or try it out themselves. This could be DIY craft challenges, dance tutorials, or makeup tutorials. If you’re a gaming influencer, you could set your followers gaming challenges to complete or ask them to reply to your content with their own spin. The more you do this, the more chance your content has of going viral as people share it and encourage their own friends to try out your challenges.

Resolve disputes

Everyone who uses social media has had that spine-chilling moment where an argument or dispute breaks out. While this is more common on platforms like Twitter, it can certainly happen on Instagram. When it does, reach out to the person who’s arguing with you and try to mediate the discussion. Don’t be defensive or overly hostile, because that will worsen people’s opinions of you. Instead, be calm, collected, and ready to explain your position – whatever it might be – in a level-headed way. If people see you can resolve disputes calmly, they’ll recommend your content to others and your follower count will increase.

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