Music and gambling from the beginning have held a hand like happily married couples creating way to the future. The combination is quite similar to the burgers and Pepsi, which is the all-time favorite fast food of many. Musicians have found many ways to incorporate their love for words by giving it a tune that can increase entertainment. There are a lot of genres while mentioning the music, which helps to relax and think. Several people mix music with romance and gaming. Music has the ability to blend with any chores we love doing. Likewise, here we will be discussing about gambling and music, and it defines the gambling industry. Even though many people love music mixed with gambling, the most celebrated one is the metal genre. If you are a psycho metal lover reading this article, without any doubt, you would agree.

Metal music has the ability to make you think deeply about life, death, and beyond, it is more than philosophy. Metal music is more than philosophy, where certain bleakness of living is quite concentrated, which most of the people forget. Metal music, made into history for explaining deep meaning philosophy, is one of them portraying gothic side of music. In the following article, we will look more at how gambling has inspired many metal bands.

Motorhead’s Ace of Spades

Motorhead’s Ace of Spades is a famous song that will pop up when searching for gambling inspired metal music. It has been used time and again on online gambling sites like to entertain gamblers. The music talks the risks residing while gambling, also portrays how man is attracted to gambling due to these risks. Without any doubt, one can say that Motorhead’s Ace of Spades is a fantastic song that portrays gambling and effects. You can even catch the song played in the online casinos, especially in the USA; it is highly used in slot games. It is also one of the many gambling metal songs adorned by many players.

Iron Maiden’s The Angel and the Gambler

The second one on the list is none other than Iron Maiden’s The Angel and the Gambler. Iron Maiden is a masterpiece the band has produced to the world is also highly embraced by the metal lovers. The song talks about gambling and how a man is tied up in winning and daily betting. The band has spoken about much deep meaning stuff, and this happens to be one of them. The man in the music finds himself trying to escape from gambling but later finds himself enjoying gambling more.

Megadeth’s Train of Consequences

The third one on the list is Megadeth’s Train of Consequences, which is the industry’s best song so far. The song gives a clear description of gambling, its consequences, risks, and how to control winning and losing. There is no other song in the history of metal that fits right in like Train of Consequences. The music gives away the idea of one must limit gambling as it can cause trouble and can lose money. It is said that music or art of any kind is made to portray society’s deep meaning. Without any doubt, our band here, Megadeth’s Train of Consequences, made it perfect.

Deep Purple’s Smoke on the Water

Deep Purple’s Smoke on the Water, is one of the main songs that need to be on the list. The history behind this metal song’s making is the most amazing thing that makes it more effective. It was composed of image of a casino burned down in the same place where the Frank Zappa concert happened. The band experienced this particular encounter and what inspired them to make a song. Who wouldn’t love to play gambling where the history itself is astonishing?


Heavy metal is one of the genres in the music space which stands apart from the other genre. The main reason for this classification is due to the profound philosophy the metal music mentions, considered to outburst rage. These emotions can depict many social problems and even certain deep topics as well. Taking gambling as a theme to make metal music, first of all, was brilliant idea which can penetrate deep. This idea of this genre does not promote gambling, but express the history or philosophy of the same is amazing. There is no wrong in gambling is you have attained the legal age and provides a way to save money. Gambling provides a way to teach you about money management, which you can take it with your life long.

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