IT: Chapter Two is well underway and it seems that the movie based around Stephen King’s famous novel will feature one of the most challenging scenes from the book. The scene in question is The Ritual of Chüd. In a sitdown with the screenwriter Gary Dauberman, Dauberman went in depth about this imperative scene.

“The Ritual of Chüd is challenging, but it’s such an important component to the book that we had to address it,” Dauberman shared with CinemaBlend. “That stuff is difficult to balance, but because [director Andy Muschietti, producer Barbara Muschietti and I] worked with each other before, when I’m writing pages and all that stuff it becomes more of a conversation and less like, ‘Hey, here’s what I did.’ It’s sort of organic; it’s really kind of just chipping away at the stone and trying to find the most focused, accessible way into some of more metaphysical aspects of that book.”

For those who are curious, The Ritual of Chüd, on the other hand, is a battle of wills that involves individuals extending their tongues to otherworldy proportions, wrapping them around one another, and seeing who laughs first”. This is extremely strange and would be very difficult to portray on screen.

Eneba Many GEOs

To see how Dauberman and those involved in IT: Chapter Two pull off this difficult ritual, be sure to go to the theaters on September 6, 2019!

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