Tubi TV is one of the unsung heroes in the streaming services world. Completely free, Tubi TV has a vast library for everyone to enjoy. Now, there’s even more of a reason to get Tubi. Comedian Jamie Kennedy’s one-hour stand-up special Jamie Kennedy: Stoopid Smart will premiere on the streaming service on May 25th. This is celebrating Kennedy’s birthday. The special was filmed in Orange County’s REC ROOM.

Kennedy jokes about being recognized at an Olive Garden, unmarried life, Alexander Graham Bell’s stance on sexting, and much more. There’s a hilarious trailer for the upcoming special that you can find below:

Eneba Many GEOs

Kennedy will also participate in a CYA live stream on May 25th, which you can find here. While Kennedy’s special Stoopid Smart will premiere exclusively on Tubi TV on May 25th, it will also hit Amazon, iTunes, and other platforms in June this year.

Are you excited for Kennedy’s special Stoopid Smart?

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