Jeffrey Dean Morgan Confirms ‘Flashpoint’ Isn’t Happening Anytime Soon

Ever since the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice fans have been speculating about the role of Thomas Wayne in the future of the DC extended universe. Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s rise in popularity in the past couple of years mainly due to his performance as Negan in The Walking Dead has only shown what he could potentially bring to the role. With the Flash movie still in its early development stages it has left many to speculate on which direction the studio are going to take the project in. At first everything was pointing to a Flashpoint storyline by adapting Geoff Johns highly popular graphic novel. This would always be an interesting route to take because instead of Thomas Wayne dying in the alleyway that tragic night it was Bruce this time. This would result in an angry and broken Thomas Wayne to take on the famous cowl. Instead of the tactical way in which Bruce chooses to operate Thomas Wayne opts for a more brutal approach. With the casting of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Thomas Wayne in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice clearly he would be the obvious choice to star in the rumoured Flashpoint movie.

Back in March with ‘Total Film‘ Jeffrey Dean Morgan made it public knowledge on what the character means to him and how he would love to reprise the role of Thomas Wayne in the future:

“And what I know about the Flashpoint Batman is, you know, for me, I think he is not only the darkest of the Batmen, but the coolest. And I love his whole storyline and who he is and the tortured soul of it all.”

As for actually wanting to play Batman on the big screen he stated:

“We’ll see. I mean, look, DC is DC and they’ll figure out what they’re going to do next. But I’m highly aware of the character, I will say that. I’m highly aware of the character, and it would probably be a thrill of a lifetime to put on the Batsuit.” – Total Film (March)

This interview was done back in March and as you can see Jeffrey Dean Morgan seems  pretty confident about potentially playing Thomas Wayne. However, when promoting the upcoming season for The Walking Dead he was again questioned by MTV on the potential Flashpoint project:

“I’ll keep talking about it because it’s really fun to talk about and I really would like Warner Bros to open their ears a little bit. When Zack Snyder was involved in the DC world more, I think there was a real possibility. But now that he’s kind of stepped away a little bit, I’ve heard different things that Flashpoint might not be going in that direction. It’ll be more of an origin story for Flash. But look, I’m always here and would love to do it.” – MTV

This as of right now is our clearest indication that the studio are NOT going down the Flashpoint route for the Flash movie. This is great news, even though I would love to see more of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Thomas Wayne. As many comic fans have argued before it’s way too early for the Flashpoint storyline. I would first like to see Ezra Miller be given his own Flash movie, maybe even two before we start to mess with the timeline.

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Checkout the full interview below:

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