Joker movie trailer just broke recently, but there had been an early screening via the Venice Film Festival and critics are giving it accolades! Joaquin Phoenix indeed impressed critics as they tweeted their impressions, some of which were pointed to see him as an Oscar Nominee for the Warner Bros. movie, according to Cinema Blend. With this Scorsese-inspired film a la Taxi Driver and The King of Comedy, it’ll probably give many great comfort in expecting to see a masterpiece with Phoenix donning the big screen.

Collider’s Steven Weintraub gave his take and gave credence for the location of the screening. He indeed saw an Oscar potential for this one.

It’s said to stand separate of the DCEU and it’s about time Warner Bros. went this route. It’s time to get a little culture, a little artistic with these characters. I’m sure super hero fatigue has settled in, so with this rendition set apart from the rest, it’ll be nice to see this.

IGN also provided it’s YouTube review. They gave it a 10 “Masterpiece”.

Fandango’s editor Erik Davis put it so eloquently, citing the Joker movie as “a bold, bodacious love letter to Scorsese’s #TheKingOfComedy”. I hadn’t seen this film, so one has the option to do a little homework by seeing it prior to Joker. David definitely recommends it.

Erik continued his tweet and mentioned that it could probably be divisive flick. A lot of people were skeptical about doing a Joker movie that’s not really relevant to the source material. Erik continued, “It’s unlike any comic book origin story you’ve seen. Divisive? Probably. But ferociously unique.” From responses to the trailer I viewed, some were down right naysayers of the idea.

Joker movie debuts on Oct 4. After seeing the response by critics from the festival, does it give you the confidence to see it for yourself. Or are you still skeptical as it’s not your typical comic book movie?

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