Kevin Feige: Mahershala Ali called about his interest in ‘Blade’ Reboot


If Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige has proven anything over their successful run, they are not stupid. So when an opportunity arose to work with a two time Oscar winner, they jumped at the chance. This lead to the surprise announcement of the reboot of Blade starring Mahershala Ali.

As for the events that lead up to the announcement, Feige explained it simply:

When Marhershala calls, you answer.

This call came soon after Ali’s second Academy Award for Green Book. He came to them and told them of his interest in rebooting Blade and that set the ball rollingWhat resulted was the surprise casting being announced during the studio’s Hall H presentation at Comic-Con. Ali took the stage and put on a Blade baseball cap while the crowd went nuts.

The character of Blade was created by writer Marv Wolfman for Marvel Comics in 1973. His first appearance would be in the comic book The Tomb of Dracula #10. He was a supporting character at his original inception. Blade is introduced as a vampire hunter. He is half-mortal, half-immortal whose life’s work is to try to rid the world of vampires. He sees this as a way of avenging his mother, who was killed by a vampire as she gave birth to him. It also is what gave him his abilities. This will be a reboot of the character previously played by Wesley Snipes in a Blade Trilogy of films.

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Source: THR