Law & Order: SVU’s episode last night was emotionally packed, to say the least. Alta Kockers was the long-running show’s fall finale and now we’ll have to wait until January of 2019 for the show to pick back up. Season twenty has had some really good episode and some boring ones, but last night’s was intense and I definitely smell Emmy’s in the air, especially for guest stars Wallace Shawn and Judd Hirsch.

Eneba Many GEOs

Of course, we as viewers want to know what we can expect for the upcoming episode. One Twitter user decided to ask and executive producer Julie Martin answered. When we pick up, Amanda will have had her baby, which is not a spoiler since actress Kelli Giddish gave birth recently in real-life, Finn will lay down the law, which is always fun, Noah will hopefully stop being a brat, oh, and Sonny Carisi will meet a girl? Throughout the past few seasons, we’ve had hints of Carisi’s love life (i.e. a mention of an ex-girlfriend in LAPD, a girl who was shopping for bras on his computer/who he was eating healthier for, and even a deleted scene of him confronting said girlfriend/her breaking up with him), but we’ve never seen anything on screen. Two popular “ships” are Rollisi (Amanda/Carisi) and Barisi (Barba/Carisi), which includes the departed Rafael Barba.

Either way, we’ll be seeing SVU January 10th and we should prepare for the latest spin-off, Law & Order: Hate Crimes, which I’m assuming was hinted at in Alta Kockers considering the case they worked was a hate crime. How have you been receiving SVU’s 20th season? Let us know!

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