We have some Loki news! If you haven’t seen the video of Tom Hiddleston getting ready for the upcoming Disney+ series, then you should! While they’re currently filming the Falcon and The Winter Soldier series and WandaVision is being teased, there isn’t a lot known about the Loki show. We do now know though that casting is underway for Sera!

In the comics, Sera is an Anchorite. Anchorites are a group of wingless, male Angels kept inside of a temple in Heven, which is The Tenth Realm. In the group, Sera is the only Anchorite who identifies as a woman, which makes her the only major trans woman in Marvel comics. We’re hearing that a transgender actor is planned to be cast for the role of Sera. Also, in the comics, Sera is in a relationship with Angela – daughter of Odin. Considering it was a shock that Odin had a daughter named Hela in Thor: Ragnarok, who knows if they’re going to introduce another surprise sibling for the Odinsons.

Who do you think should play Sera?

Source: The Illuminerdi

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