Los Angeles Comic-Con Will Still Have an In-Person Convention

San Diego Comic-Con and New York Comic-Con may have opted for virtual events, but the Los Angeles Comic-Con is keeping its in-person convention. The con will happen in December. It will be one of the first Southern California festivals to attempt to do this since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak hit the United States.

The Los Angeles Comic-Con will be held from December 11th to December 13th as opposed to its usual October spot. Tickets will go on sale on September 29th. Chris DeMoulin, the general manager of the event, released a statement:

“Over the past six months, we’ve been struggling with a very important question: “Should we even ATTEMPT to have L.A. Comic Con in 2020?”

He continued:

“Since March, we’ve been living in some version of a ‘Lockdown/Safer at Home’ world, trying hard to stay safe, hoping and praying for the health and safety of ourselves, our family, friends, neighbors and all of our fellow human beings. We’re wearing masks, keeping socially distant, and remaining thankful for frontline workers, hospital personnel and everyone working hard to make a difference.And yet, we all yearn for just a little bit of normality, to reclaim some aspects of our lives pre-COVID.”

The plan to hold the event came this Sunday. In order to attempt to make it a safer event, The Los Angeles Comic-Con will rent the entire convention center. This gives it nearly 1.2 million square feet. This is about twice as much space as was ever used before. Major activities will each have their own hall.

In addition, each day will be divided into two five-hour sessions. Deep cleaning will be done before, between, and after each session. Fewer fans will be allowed to be sold. In addition, all guests and main panels will be live-streamed for those who do not feel comfortable going in person.

There will also be more entrances to reduce long lines. Masks will be required and six feet of social distancing will be enforced. DeMoulin added:

“We’re doing everything we can to help nerds unite this December.:

What do you think about the Los Angeles Comic-Con deciding to hold an event? It should also be noted that if a decision is made to postpone the event then tickets will be honored for next year’s convention.

Source: Daily News

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