Online gaming saw significant growth in the last few years, mainly due to the proliferation of the internet and the advent of engaging gaming categories. As per Forbes, the industry saw massive growth in the year 2019 and generated a revenue of over $150 billion.

Despite the immense popularity of online games, including games such as online blackjack, there are still issues that obstruct a gamer’s performance and affect the overall gaming experience.

For instance, hardware conflicts and lack of processing power or constant lags can cause several frames to skip and make games potentially unplayable. Similarly, the looming threat of DDoS attacks against game servers and developers can also be an obstacle in a seamless online gaming experience.

However, all these issues can be abated by making some minor tweaks. Follow these changes to make gaming more fun and exciting.

1.   Upgrade your internet speed:

Internet speed, during a game, puts you in a life and death situation. Think of a scenario: you’re about to shoot your rival, and at the very moment, there’s a slight – not very massive, but just a tiny – fluctuation in your connection. Next thing you know, instead of you shooting him, he has shot you. Boom! Game over.

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A situation like this can be deeply annoying, but it can be avoided by improving your internet connection. Here are a few tips that you can follow for smooth gameplay.

  i.  Use a wired connection instead of Wi-Fi:

If you constantly face slowdowns despite a faster internet connection, switching to a wired connection can make a difference. This is because wireless signals are prone to interferences, and no matter how fast your internet connection is, you won’t match the speed offered by a wired connection.

  ii. Lower the number of connections:

Every internet connection offers a limited amount of speed. If it is used by a large number of users, you won’t be left with a bandwidth speed sufficient for a pleasurable online gaming experience.

If several users are streaming HD videos or downloading large files over your connection, your performance will inevitably suffer.

Hence, keep the number of connections to a minimum when playing games to ensure higher bandwidth speeds at your end. This can be done by visiting your router’s setup page and limiting the number of connections to a minimum.

 iii. Close background programs that use the internet:

It is not uncommon to see resource-intensive applications and background processes consuming most of your hardware power and internet speed. Most gamers often indulge in online games without realizing that they have minimized programs running in the background that are eating up their connection speed.

A simple solution to ensure higher internet speed is to check background apps and processes in task manager every time you launch a new game.

However, various online gaming platforms offer optimum performance and the ultimate gaming experience, even when your internet connection is slow. One such platform is Unlimited Gamez Mo. It is a subscription-based online gaming platform to play games on your mobile phone.

So, even if your internet connection is causing you worries, then too, you have plenty of options to satisfy your craving for video games.

2.  Upgrade your system hardware:

Your online gaming experience largely depends on the hardware that you use to play games. If you are using outdated equipment, you will not get the speed and processing power required by modern games.

Therefore, upgrade your graphic card, gaming monitor, controllers, and other gaming equipment so that they won’t drag you behind in gameplay when you are trying to get ahead. Also, make sure that you keep your hardware updated with the latest drivers to ensure the Frames per second (FPS) boost required for modern games.

Additionally, upgrading your hard drive to the latest solid-state drive can also significantly reduce your game loading times and improve your performance.

3.  Graphics card changes:

Most of us have already heard about graphics cards and their importance while playing video games. Any improvement in the gaming performance of your PC is greatly associated with graphics cards. Here is how you can improve your graphics card for smooth performance.

    i.  Reduce graphics settings:

The temptation to maximize your game settings is understandable, but it can be detrimental to your gaming performance. If you are experiencing framerate dips and slowdowns, lower your graphics settings by reducing anti-aliasing, 3D resolution, texture, and view distance without suffering a decline in quality.

   ii. Lower resolution:

High resolution will make the game look crisper and distinct, but it will increase the burden on the graphics card. Many games allow you to reduce the resolution in the settings for smooth performance. Alternatively, you can lower the resolution from your display settings by following these steps.

  • Right click on the desktop and select Display settings

  • Find the Display resolution option in the window and choose a lower resolution from the menu

  • Select Keep Changes

  iii. Update your graphics driver:

Modern titles require a powerful graphics card to run smoothly. But, to get the most out of your graphics card, you need to keep the graphics drivers updated to ensure maximum FPS.

Here is how to install the latest drivers.

  • Go to the control panel and select Device Manager. Alternatively, you can press ‘Windows + X’ or find it in the computer management
  • Click on Display adapters to find details about the graphics card
  • Right click on it and select Update driver

  • You can either browse your computer for the driver software or search the web automatically for the latest driver.

4.   Turn the Game Mode on:

The Xbox app allows you to activate Game Mode and optimize your system for gaming. It includes features like screen recording, audio control, streaming, Xbox social, and Game Mode. Simply press ‘Windows + G’ or find ‘Gaming’ in your computer settings.

Activate the Game Mode and check the ‘Yes, this is a game’ box to ensure that the operating system runs the game with optimal settings.

Final Thoughts:

The best way to improve your online gaming experience is to close unnecessary background processes and make sure that no one else uses your precious bandwidth during the gameplay. Improve your system with the latest gadgets and drivers to ensure an optimal gaming experience.

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