Mark Hamill gives his thoughts on Todd Phillips ‘Joker’

When it comes to Batman’s iconic foil The Joker, Mark Hamill has become almost synonymous with the character. His turns at performing the voice for the mad clown have become the gold standard for one of Batman’s most feared adversaries. With his work on Batman The Animated Series, and the  Arkham Video game series, he is considered the definitive voice for the Joker. Because of this, Hamill’s opinions about the “clown prince of crime” are listened to.

With Todd Phillips Joker now in theaters, there has been a multitude of differing opinions about the film and Joachin Phoenix’s portrayal of the character. We can now add Hamill’s voice (well…Tweet actually) to the mix of interpretations for the film. And in this case, it is a positive one.

This should come as good news for the director and the studio as Hamill’s endorsement carries a great deal of weight with the fans, especially to those of the Joker. Do you have plans to see Phillips now controversial film? Does it matter if it doesn’t fit with preconceived notions for the character? Does the talk of possible confrontations at theaters affect your decision to watch it? Share your thoughts about the film and Hamill’s endorsement of it with GeekVibesNation.

Source: Comicbook.Com