Michael B. Jordan Met With Warner Bros. Early This Year About Playing Superman; Had Too Much on His Plate to Accept Role

DC has a lot going on, according to a recent Variety report. Does anything indicate, though; a future Superman project? While there seems to be a handful of Clark Kents on the CW, with Tyler Hoechlin’s version getting his own show ‘Lois and Clark’; as well as Brandon Routh returning as Superman and Tom Welling as Kent, where’s our big screen, Superman? We haven’t gotten a Man of Steel since 2017’s Justice League and since then, there hasn’t been hope for Henry Cavill to return as the character, despite him reporting that he still wants to play the iconic superhero.

According to the Variety report, there was a meeting with superstar Michael B. Jordan earlier this year. There were discussions where Jordan pitched Warner Bros. on a vision for Superman. But, Jordan wasn’t ready to commit to the project, because filming wouldn’t happen for several years and he has a lot on his plate. Considering experts think a Superman film won’t hit the big screen until after 2023, you have to think that not every actor is like Dwayne Johnson and willing to wait years for their movie to take place. So far, there’s no script or director attached to a Superman movie.

What do you think? Would you have liked to see Jordan as Superman?

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