Any time there is a new Batman, fans are eager to see what the Batsuit is going to look like. While most of us haven’t a clue what the new Batsuit is going to look like, someone does. In fact, composer Michael Giacchino has seen the suit that Robert Pattinson will wear in the upcoming Batman flick.

Giacchino has scored Dawn of the Planet of the Ages, War for the Planet of the Apes, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man Homecoming, and Spider-Man: Far From Home. With all of these large films under his belt, the composer hopes to achieve something “different from everyone else’s”:

“It’s a little crazy at times, but I get to work on the films I love to work on. I love those big sort of event films — Star Trek, Star Wars, all the Marvel stuff — I love all of those, it’s really fun to be a part of those because that’s what I loved as a kid. And now to look back and see all those things, every one of those movies is something that I either had a comic book of or watched the movies as a kid and it’s just so weird to be a part of it,” Giacchino told Hey U Guys at the BAFTA Awards, where Giacchino said he’s now “in the middle of beginning some stuff for Batman.”

He added:

“That is a really fun thing to be a part of because, again, I loved Batman, as we all do, growing up. So it’s just fun to be a part of taking it and doing your own version of it.”

Giacchino was then asked what comic book in particular inspired Matt Reeves’s The Batman:

“Matt and I have talked about this for well over a year now. We’re like best friends so we talk all the time anyway, so this is just a normal part of our conversations. ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if we did this? Wouldn’t it be fun if we did this? Let’s take it in this direction, do something different.’ That’s what we’re trying to do, is to take it and do our version of it, the thing that we would want to do, and hopefully that is different from everyone else’s.”

Giacchino added:

“I used to love going in and seeing everyone’s different take on Batman. You’d get a comic book series and it would be a whole new take on the character, and that was always fun to do, and I feel like we’re part of that whole tapestry at this point.”

Giacchino also spoke a moment to sings Pattinson’s praises:

“He’s an amazing actor, he’s an incredible actor, and in this business you get pigeonholed for one thing, and if it goes off well, then that’s the only thing you’re gonna be known for. For someone like him, that’s really not a fair assessment. He is an amazing actor who can do pretty much anything, and that’s what I’m excited about, to see him in this role doing something different.”

Giacchino happily said [of when asked if he’s seen the suit]: “I’ve seen it!”

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