Halo Infinite will no longer be released together with the new Xbox Series X. Microsoft delayed the release of the game till 2021 because of the COVID-19 pandemic and stay-at-home work situation. When the original Halo was released in 2001 it matched the release date of Xbox and this would have been the second time the release of the game would match the release of the new hardware. During the live show where thousands of Instagram followers watched the stream, Cindy Walker spokesperson for Xbox said that even though Microsoft would have wanted to have the game ready to launch together with Series X, there will be enough other games that the company will release to encourage the purchase of Xbox Series X. She said that Microsoft does not rely on huge exclusive games to sell the consoles. The players will have thousands of games to play on launch day. Boss of Xbox Phil Spencer announced that a portion of Halo infinite might be released earlier than 2021. The games that Ms. Walker mentioned are the games from Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. There is only one major title that Microsoft will release with Xbox Series X, a strategy game Gear Tactics. The game will be the launch title for Xbox Series X and will also be available for Xbox One. A previous version of the game Gears 5 will also be available on Xbox Series X.

Halo: Reach 10 Years Later: Marcus Lehto & Lee Wilson on Creating Bungie’s Final Halo

Halo: Reach was the final update created by Bungie. The sacrifice of the Noble Team brings an end to the war between the Humans and Covenant. But for Bungie it was the end of an era. After a decade of developing the game the team that worked on the game until 2010 had to part with Halo. Reach’s creative director and Halo’s co-creator said that they wanted to end the game with “a satisfying full circle.” Game developer and designer Marcus Lehto said that not knowing how the game is going to be received is an intimate experience and seeing the game become a household product is overwhelming for the creators. He remembers an incident in London when he overheard somebody’s mother tell a younger person who Master Chief was and thinking people knew about the game. Lehto thinks Halo: Reach was the “smoothest” of the game’s updates at Bungie.

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