Nexon is celebrating the one-year anniversary of the free-to-play mobile kart racing game, KartRider Rush+. This celebration features new Season 7 content including new karts, characters, tracks, and costumes with exclusive LINE FRIENDS characters and content featuring fan-favorites BROWN and his friends including CONY and SALLY to commemorate the special occasion. Get the full details below!

The KartRider Rush+ one year anniversary celebration comes with a massive amount of items and rewards for players to enjoy. First players can collect a variety of coins with the login and online events that allows them to earn different amounts of coins based on how many times they log on to play and how long they play in game. The anniversary also includes the ‘Dear Friends’ event for players returning to the game to earn upgraded title levels and the ‘Friends Forever’ event for those new to the game where they can earn different prizes.

The Season 7 update comes equipped with a series of new Karts – the Cotton Lite, Ranger, Regalia, Froyo Flier, and Trailmaster are all available in game now. Racers will get to explore new cities like New York, London and Paris in the update with the introduction of new tracks such as – Ancient Ruins, Paris Eiffel Tower, and New York Rally.

Available now, the latest in the LINE FRIENDS X KartRider Rush+ collaboration has arrived to commemorate the anniversary and will allow players to unlock the exclusive CONY Kart, the  playable character BROWN and his adorable friend SALLY. These charming pals can be earned by completing a series of in-game events along with special SALLY items including a Hoodie, Balloon, and Mask.

To learn more about the LINE FRIENDS X KartRider Rush+ collaboration and Season 7 update, visit and follow @KRRushPlus on Twitter for more information.

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