With the recent Mortal Kombat reboot out, people are wondering what is happening with the franchise. Especially what is happening with Joe Taslim – who plays the brutal villain Sub-Zero.

Spoilers If You Haven’t Watched the Movie

While Taslim had previously explained he was signed on for multiple films, his character does die at the end of the movie. Director Simon McQuoid talks about how Mortal Kombat makes it possible to bring back dead characters:

“If you just look at the game, it’s exactly what the game has done in a really interesting way. I think we can perhaps learn from [the games] and try to do something interesting – again, there’s a big asterisk on all of this. I think the way they handle timelines and alternative iterations of the same character is really interesting. It doesn’t always mean that character comes back, “Oh, I’ve been reincarnated. I’m the same.”

He continued:

“There’s some really interesting evolution and growth of these characters. The experience of death informs who they become. So I guess I don’t want death to be something that is inconsequential. That is something I certainly thought about as we discussed this story and what that means. So I think there are opportunities there, and certainly Sub-Zero has some opportunities.”

Do you want to see Sub-Zero return for a sequel? Do you want a sequel?

Source: Movieweb

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