Mortal Kombat Spoilers

Johnny Cage was noticeably missing from the recent Mortal Kombat movie. In his place as the comic relief was Kano – portrayed by Josh Lawson. And while Lawson’s future in Mortal Kombat is unsure, the actor did lend his opinion on who should play Johnny Cage in a sequel.

“Look, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The one person I kept thinking about, and he’s a buddy of mine, James Marsden. I just, I dunno, he’s got a Johnny Cage vibe to me. Maybe I’m wrong, but yeah, something about it. He’s got that Hollywood look, you know, and I think he could, I think he could pull it off.”

WWE star The Miz has been quite vocal on Twitter over his desire to play the character, but I do like the idea of Marsden. Marsden has played Cyclops in the action-movie X-Men franchise and recently was in CBS All Access’s The Stand. Plus, he’s been in Westworld and a bunch of other notable projects. Whoever it is, we will have to wait to see.

Who do you want to play Johnny Cage? Do you think Marsden could pull it off?

Source: Movieweb

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