Movie Review: ‘THE MEG’ – It’s No JAWS But It’s A Whole Lot of Fun

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image=”2538″ img_size=”700×373″ alignment=”center”][vc_column_text]The Meg might just seem to be another “Jaws” wanna be, but it’s something more than that. I walked into this movie with the lowest of expectations. Looking at it trying to piggy back off of Jaws like anybody else would think. But, I was so wrong. The Meg is a Fun, Action-Adventure movie with Jason Statham in the lead role. And supporting cast with Ruby Rose (Batwoman), Rain Wilson (The Office) and Cliff Curtis (Fear The Walking Dead). What I love most about this movie is how it doesn’t take itself very seriously. The movie is very self aware of what it actually is. It’s not trying to be another serious shark movie, but rather than something like Sharknado, where the writers know what they’re creating and not trying to make it this super serious thriller, shark drama.

This movie, also throws past shark movie easter eggs towards (Obviously, Jaws). The acting is okay at best and the visuals aren’t that great, but this is the ideal “popcorn movie”, where you go into a movie not expecting anything and then become mildly surprised with the out come. Other, than all this I would recommend seeing this movie if you’ve got nothing to do on a rainy day or something.

The Meg is a solid 6/10. Sadly, I probably wont remember this move for its action or drama, but more so for the excellent actors.

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