To combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus, governments imposed social restrictions; therefore, people turned to their TV screens to find entertainment. The screens also offered some form of companionship at a time when ‘going out’ had been curtailed. As the days have turned into weeks and months, spending time with friends is a luxury that many people do not have. Therefore, it is no surprise that people are turning more often to their “TV friends.”

The New Prime Time

In the past, the prime time for TV viewing was between 7 pm and 10 pm. This has changed since people are now watching TV more during the day. According to research, the time spent streaming videos in the middle of the day has increased by more than 40%. The desire for news has led to an increase in live TV viewing. Although TV viewership has continued to go up after a relaxation of the lockdowns, streaming has continued to be popular.

Using Streaming Services

Streaming services like Netflix, Cable TV, and YouTube are reaping huge benefits from the change in viewing habits. People are streaming videos, with old favorites proving to be very popular. Many studios chose to offer their movies on streaming services instead of postponing their release dates. Because of this, there has been a sharp increase in people paying for streaming services. In its first year, Disney+ gained more than 86 million subscribers

Home Theatre Experience 

As the pandemic forced theatres worldwide to close, watching TV and movies at home has increased. The situation has led many homeowners to look for ways to bring the theatre experience into their homes. For those who do not have a dedicated theatre room, the living room has changed to make it more “movie friendly.” Thanks to orders to stay home, people are looking for ways to improve their movie-watching experience. 

Reasons for Watching TV

The pandemic has changed the reason why most people watch TV. In the past, most people turned the TV on because it helped them to relax or unwind. For many, watching TV was a form of distraction. However, after the pandemic, many people were watching to get information or as a way to get rid of stress or anxiety. TV provides some form of a sanctuary or an escape from a world that has suddenly been turned upside down. 

Paying for Viewing

As people choose to watch TV at home regularly, paying for services has become more common. People choose to access online streaming services as they provide a safe space with content that the entire family can enjoy. Whether you need to update your home viewing equipment or pay for the streaming services, you can get financing through easy loans. If you are asking where to find a title pawn near me, you can get information online.

Most people will agree that screen time can be great bonding time. The one good thing that has come out of the pandemic is that families are spending more time together. Most people will likely continue to enjoy their screen time even after the easing of the safety guidelines. Many people are using TV to fulfill some emotional needs. Providing content that is “on-demand” will help to keep the audience engaged.

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