Music Box Films To Release The Whimsical Dramedy ‘Strawberry Mansion’ On Blu-Ray This June

Music Box Films has announced that they will be releasing the whimsical drama-comedy Strawberry Mansion on Blu-Ray and DVD on June 21, 2022. The film is currently available on digital platforms. The film comes from writer-directors Albert Birney & Kentucker Audley, who also star alongside Penny Fuller, Grace GlowickiReed Birney, Linas Phillips and Constance Shulman. The Blu-Ray release will feature an audio commentary and more. Get details below!


Synopsis: In 2035, our dreams are no longer our own–they’re infused with product placement and auditors assess unpaid taxes on our most private reveries. Beleaguered taxman James Preble (Kentucker Audley) arrives at a run-down house in the countryside for a routine audit and encounters Bella Isadora (Penny Fuller), a lifelong dreamer who remains resolutely analog, circumventing the surveillance state with VHS tapes and homemade headgear. As Preble works his way through Bella’s archive of the unconscious, he begins to fall in love with visions of her younger self (Grace Glowicki). But all is not well in dreamland as dangerous family secrets and a rogue’s gallery of blue demons and fried chicken pitchmen threaten to set the lovers’ paradise ablaze. Can Preble and Bella escape from the modern, monetized dreamscape and find refuge in Strawberry Mansion?

  • Audio Commentary with directors Albert Birney and Kentucker Audley
  • Strawberry Beginnings: Making of Featurette
  • Deleted & Extended Scenes
  • Test Footage & Animation
  • Dan Deacon Soundtrack and Music Video
  • Short films by Albert Birney
  • Watercolor & Collage Gallery
  • Reversible jacket artwork
  • Exclusive collectible trading cards

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