My Experience at Walt Disney World’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

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Life in Galaxy’s Edge (Florida)

When Keely and I arrived in Florida, we both could not hide our excitement. We both had our reason to be excited. For me, it was Galaxy’s Edge, and with her, it was the beach and the pool. But there was one reason we both agreed why we were excited, and that was, having our first vacation with each other! Okay, that’s enough of the sweet talk. It’s time for Galaxy’s Edge.


Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge!! 

The main question everyone is probably asking is, “is it worth it?” and to that answer is an astounding YES! First, those that say, ”Galaxy’s Edge does not feel like Star Wars, Disney Ruined it, or No one goes to Galaxy Edge.” Do not listen to them, and I repeat DO NOT LISTEN. Those are the people that have not gone to Galaxy’s Edge and hate Disney.

I’m here to tell you that Galaxy’s is everything a Star Wars fan has dreamed of, and I can guarantee those that went to Galaxy’s Edge will agree with my assessment that Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge is fantastic.

Before Keely and I entered Galaxy’s Edge, I had one primary objective, and that was to get a Legacy Lightsaber. Still, as I came to the park, I was mesmerized by the overall atmosphere. From the bathrooms, Giftshops, to the employees that were all into their roles. I had to be reminded by my girlfriend that I had to get the lightsabers before they sold out.

There is a confession I have to make, but I go on with this article. I do not go on any rides(Sadly) or buy any foods their because, like everything in Disney, everything is expensive. Because I have no self-discipline when it comes to Star Wars, I accidentally bought two lightsabers instead of one. Mace Windu’s and Anakin Skywalker, I mean, Rey😜.

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Legacy Lightsaber

The moment I grabbed Luke Skywalkers, Lightsaber is the moment everything went blank and had a nerdgasm. Thank God I wasn’t the only one. Two other guys saw Luke’s Lightsaber and asked to hold it, and the moment they kept it, I could see that same happiness in their eyes.

Now you may be wondering why I did not get Luke’s Lightsaber, and that was because I also held Mace Windu and Rey’s Lightsaber. At that moment, I did buy Mace Windu Lightsaber, and not even 10 minutes later walking around Savy’s Workshop, I went back to look at the Lightsaber and got Rey’s Lightsaber! Three-Hundred dollars then, I got out!

Trust me when I say. ”It is worth it!” The material on the lightsaber was perfect, honestly. It was smart to raise the prices of the Sabers from one-hundred and five dollars to one-hundred and thirty dollars.

If I had one piece of advice to those that go to Galaxy’s Edge is to make sure you reserve your spot to make a lightsaber. I didn’t that so I couldn’t go in, but everyone that did it says it was worth it just for the experience alone. Trust me, the next time I go, I’m going to reserve my spot.

Now, before I end this, let me say one more thing. If possible, go and save your money to take a trip to either Florida or California then save more money to spend a lot in Galaxy’s Edge! Everything is worth it, especially if you go to the antique shop.