Artist Jorge Jimenez delivers two new covers to garner excitement for Batman #96. The Joker War will kick off in July’s Batman #95 and two covers have been revealed for Batman #96, which is scheduled for August. Harley Quinn and Clownhunter get their own covers for the issue that will explore the aftermath of the worst Joker toxin attack.

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Batman is on the run through Gotham City in the upcoming issue, as the Joker’s plan starts to materialize. In this latest issue, it seems that an unexpected person will be the one to help Batman: Harley Quinn. We will also find out who this mysterious Clownhunter is.

Batman #96 has been written by James Tynion IV and will be hitting the shelves on August 4th.

Did you think we were finished? We also have info on Batman #97, which will see The Joker’s army growing by the minute. Batman must keep it all together in preparation to take down the Clown Prince and reclaim Gotham. But, at what cost? Plus, Catwoman brings up her own army.

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