Nexon has announced their latest update for the free-to-play fantasy MMORPG mobile game, Mabinogi. Beginning August 13, 2020, part 2 of the P.E.T. update will challenge players to defeat new dungeons and bosses alongside their pets as they encounter the mighty Fleur in the Forest of Four Seasons and Kerune in the Dynamic Lands. Players who defeat each boss will be awarded with a plethora of items. In addition, players will now be introduced to powerful Fynn Bead Skills imbued within Fynn Beads. Get the full details below!

Players will be able to cross the Geata north of Mag Mell to explore the new dungeons, Forest of Four Seasons and Dynamic Lands, where mighty bosses await players and their pets. At the Forest of Four Seasons, players will encounter the beautiful and mighty Fleur, who trains fairy youth, and meet Kerune in the Dynamic Lands who will challenge them to friendly duels.

Depending on the mission difficulty, you can gain Pet Trainer items such as Faded Fynn Beads, perfumes, and gems. Defeating Fleur in the Forest of Four Seasons will also offer rewards such as Fleur’s Wings, outfit, Grass Tiara, and more, while defeating Kerune will award players with Kerune’s Horn, Appearance Scroll Fragment, Fleur’s Grass Tiara, and more.

In addition, following positive player response with the addition of new pet activities in “P.E.T.” Part 1, Milletians will now be introduced to powerful Fynn Bead Skills imbued within Fynn Beads. To successfully awaken the powers that lie in the core of a Faded Fynn Bead, players must learn the Burnishing Skill. Higher grade Fynn Beads will require higher level Burnishing Skill.

When awakened, Fynn Beads equip pets with unique powers, including:

  • Floral Shield: Creates a barrier of petals that will counter enemy attacks.
  • Fynni Punch: Activates giant fists during combat to damage enemies.
  • Repelling Force: Inflicts a gravitational field that damages and repels enemies within a set radius of a pet.
  • Rush of Wind: Creates torrents of wind that scatter in all directions.
  • Healing Bubble: Raises a character’s HP and MP by popping Healing Bubbles.
  • Pulling Force: Damages enemies with a gravitational field that pulls enemies in.


Eneba Many GEOs
More exciting content awaits Milletians in this major update. To learn more about Mabinogi’s “P.E.T.” Part 2 update arriving on August 13, visit the link here and follow @mabinogi on Facebook for the latest updates.
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