The Swedish Organisation Ninja in Pyjamas have announced a partnership with the blockchain establishment Zilliqa earlier this week. This news comes at the delight of many esports gamers, who enjoy combining the cryptocurrency experience within their everyday gaming. According to recent press releases from the entities, this partnership will provide ‘tangible utility’ to the user experience, and should make overall interactions exciting and eventful for fans virtually all over the world.

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It is believed that from the most recent gaming news upcoming from these two brands, there will be a combined cooperation for branding, when merchandise and events are concerned. Apparently, pop tournaments across the country will also be arranged, indulging fans in the ability to compete against one another in the typical eSports fashion. A significant part of the sponsorship between the brands too will be issued in the native crypto currency too for Zilliqa, making the blockchain remedy available from the get-go of this partnership. 

The CEO of Ninjas in Pyjamas Hicham Chahine, has stated that the pandemic allowed multiple eSports organisations to switch up their dynamic of gaming towards heavy online play orientation. The marketing initiatives which supported this were much easier in comparison to traditional modern-day sports, which inevitably suffered hugely within the pandemic. While the world still finds its rhythm when it comes to online gaming, he believes that the ‘new normal’ very much lies within the combination of two hyped digital platforms- eSports and blockchain. He believes that players using their time and hours to combine their earnings is the future and moving forward will be the normal. Anything left behind is outdated, and therefore, he predicts that many gaming platforms will move in the same steps, just as Ninjas in Pyjamas has done so too. 

Blockchain infused within gaming companies, is not only allowing gaming platforms to decentralise from modern day banking, it is cultivating billions of dollars in investments from huge bodies that wish to utilise innovation purely in blockchain. So, the solution for new investment is of course to focus purely on the channels that already exist in harmony with this efficient technology. Cryptocurrency is definitely one that seems to have all the answers these days, and it seems like there is no slowing it down at all. 

Zilliqa is a cryptocurrency that was founded recently within 2017. The foundation of Zilliqa is focused on building a blockchain platform for international use. The ICO raised within 2017 was $22 million, and that was in Ethereum. Head of Growth at Zilliqa, believes that the physical and digital worlds will continue to merge until there is no one left behind. eSports is the perfect example of this integration, and of how fast it can actually happen. The past year alone has seen huge developments with engagement when cryptocurrency and blockchain are concerned. In addition to this, he believes the remote experience that blockchain and eSports combined provides is a complete immersive experience. What is better than anonymity and gaming?

Zilliqa took this partnership without hesitation as they have for some time now considered the best way of amping up their efforts for the sake of revolutionary experiences. With Ninja in Pyjamas in the bag, there is no doubt that the crypto universe will exceed expectations and this is only ever just the beginning…

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