On the One Piece Netflix account earlier today it said,

”Oda-sensei will oversee the live-action #OnePiece series by @stevemaeda and Matt Owens. @NXOnNetflix.” and posted a picture. 

I have never been a big fan of Anime turn live-action for two reasons, one it seems to never work, and two I feel as if it sticks too close to the source material. It just seems weird to me; anime is so over the top even more so than comics and video games, so it is harder to adapt. 

They are two exceptions to the first rule that gives me a little hope that this live-action adaptation will do good, and that is Detective Pikachu and Alita Battle Angel. So with that said I will have some confidence that this series will do good, but I’m not going to hold my breath. What are your thoughts on this news? 

Eneba Many GEOs

One Piece Netflix Live-Action Fan-Casting

If you are excited about this news well, join Joel in that excitement he has done an incredible fancast for the entire Straw Hat Pirates. 

It’s happening 🙌🏻🤯!!!

So I did a FANCAST today. An anime fancast 😮 lol I did a #OnePiece Fancast. I thought more TV series for this but this is what I got. Hope you like, especially One Piece fans.

Luffy – Ryan Potter

Zoro – Lewis Tan

Nami – Olivia Holt

Usopp – Carlos Valdes

Sanji – Robert Sheehan

Nico Robin – Priyanka Chopra

Franky – Steve Howey

Brook – JB Smoove (Voice and Flash Backs)

Chopper – CGI? child voice actor?

I thought this was damn near perfect list! JB Smooth is as goofy as Brook, Robert Sheehan as Sanji sign me up! Olivia Holt as Nami beautiful and talented what else can you ask for? Steve Howey as Franky i am not sure just for the fact that I have only seen him in Reba, New Girl and Bride Wars, Carlos Valdes I can for sure see playing Usopp, Lewis Tan as Zoro that would be dope! and Ryan Potter as Luffy I guess my only thing is can he lead a team? Can he be strong but at the same time venerable? Maybe. And to give the final fancast I will say, Jacob Tremblay, he has the energy, watch Good Boys, and he has the acting ability to give us that emotional element, watch Room.

What are your thoughts on the news and on the fan-casting let us know in the comments below?




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