During my almost 56 years on this planet, I still remember a lot of things. The only problem is that most of them are trivial in nature. I can’t remember when I first learned to ride a bike or what the names of my teachers were from middle school, but I remember the first time I purchased a Batman Story LP.

I was 13 years old and working at the local blueberry fields to earn some pocket money. You know, to buy important things like comics and cereal with prizes in them. During one of our weekend trips “downtown,” which at that time was South Haven, Michigan, I found a Batman LP that had four stories on it. Needless to say I played that thing over and over and over again. So much in fact, that I STILL remember most of the dialogue. I can’t remember exactly how old my sisters are but I remember the words of a 1975 Power Records Batman album. Although, as fellow geeks, you should’t expect anything less. Perhaps Batman has the answer for me in the tale of Stacked Cards.

Batman: “Perhaps a frontal lobotomy could be the answer. If science can operate on his distorted brain, put it to good use. Society might reap a great benefit.” 😏

So, in celebration of Batman Day and his 80 year’s of fighting crime, I give you the audio of that album, thanks to our friends on YouTube and Robert Gordon. Thanks for the trip down memory lane Robert and Happy Batman Day!

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