‘Peacemaker’ Episodes 4-5 Review: Infectiously Fun & Doesn’t Pull Punches

I truly think Peacemaker is slowly becoming my favorite superhero show. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to review last week’s episode last week, so I’m lumping in episode four’s review with this week’s (episode five). Full disclosure: there’s some spoilers ahead.

Photograph by Katie Yu/ HBO Max

Slight Spoilers

Let me jump right in and say I love the focus on the character Vigilante in these last two episodes. While the Peacemaker series has displayed some great acting from John Cena and has really developed the Peacemaker character, the show has really introduced another great standout. Simply put, I love Freddie Stroma as Adrian Chase aka Vigilante. Not only does Vigilante stand out on his own, I absolutely love the relationship he and Cena’s Peacemaker have. For such a little band of misfits, the group in this show absolutely works together. The chemistry is A+.

Photograph by Courtesy of HBO Max

Episode four really showcased James Gunn’s signature. While most of this series verges on ridiculousness, there’s a lot of heart and a lot of bittersweet emotions. Lots of moral reflections. This is Gunn’s bread and butter. We’ve seen it in both Guardians of the Galaxy movies and The Suicide Squad. We, as viewers; get comfortable with the colorful and silly world Gunn builds and then absolutely get gutted when he introduces real, human emotions.

Photograph by Courtesy of HBO Max

Episode five was a lot of fun. Not only did it have the typical witty banter that the show’s established, but it had some great payoff moments. Specifically in regards to team bonding. There was epic action, badass moments, and some moments that really kept you on edge. I really love seeing Cena and Danielle Brooks interact with each other. Honestly, their scenes together may be my favorite of the season so far.

Review: 4.7/5

In conclusion, Peacemaker is a great show. I highly recommend it. And I cannot wait for episode six! Episode five ended on a massive cliffhanger!

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