The Suicide Squad hasn’t come out yet, but we know we’re getting a spin-off series on HBO Max. Peacemaker will star John Cena, who reprises his role from the upcoming DC film.

Alison Araya and Lenny Jacobson have joined the Peacemaker show. Both in recurring roles. According to reports, they will play Amber and Evan – who are married. Besides that, we don’t know anything else. Peacemaker is set to come out in January of 2022. The series will be written by James Gunn, who wrote and directed The Suicide Squad.

Cena, Steve Agee, Danielle Brooks, Robert Patrick, Chris Conrad, Nhut Lee, and Annie Chang will be in the Peacemaker series. Are you looking forward to the Cena-led show?

Source: Murphy’s Multiverse

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