Potential Spoilers!

The CW is working on its next superhero series. Pre-production is in place for the Arrowverse spinoff series Superman & Lois. With everything moving quickly, we have a plot description for the pilot episode. And, someone may die?

There have been previous reports that have revealed that Clark Kent will settle into a “newly imposed status quo” in the pilot. He’s just been laid off from The Daily Planet. Shortly after being laid off, Clark hears a plea from Martha to return home. It’s when he does that he sees that his mother is dead, from “unspecified causes”. Will Clark be without his mother and father in Superman & Lois?

There hasn’t been any indication as to what caused Martha’s death, but this is definitely a huge reveal as to the tone of the Superman & Lois show.

Are you excited for the Superman & Lois show?

Source: CBR

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