The Morbius trailer left us with some burning questions. One was, what’s Michael Keaton doing there? The other was the Spider-Man shot with the word “Murderer” over it. There was a lot of speculation and fans used the Spider-Man PS4 screenshot to come up with a lot of conspiracy theories. Theories such as Morbius being in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man universe (which hasn’t been around for years), despite Keaton’s Vulture, who first was featured in the MCU’s Spider-Man: Homecoming; being in it.

MCUCosmic now describes a rumored plot leak that would clear everything up. It, of course; showed up on Reddit. People on Reddit surmised that the posted for Spider-Man could be legit or that we may see MCU’s Spidey instead od The PS4 Raimi suit. Is Sony yanking our chain?

“On the way, he passes the Spider-Man poster tagged “MURDERER” and unlike in the trailer the picture used resembles the Homecoming suit instead of the Raimi suit.”

Considering there were some back and forth moments between Sony and Disney at one point, perhaps Sony had put the PS4 Spidey poster in there due to legality reasons. Or to promote their game? Or because the trailer was rushed? Either way, it has people talking, which is what you want to happen when you are marketing your movie.

What do you think?

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