We’re back at it again with the PS Plus offerings for the month of November 2019. Like always there are two titles up for grabs, completely free for those of us with an active PS Plus Subscription. Both games are available on the first Tuesday of the month AKA November 5th. November is looking like a pretty gory month with a Dark Souls-like hack and slasher as well as a truly terrifying encounter with a religious cult where running is the only option. If you still haven’t had your horror itch scratched in October, November’s PS Plus Games might be what you’re looking for.



Eneba Many GEOs

First up this month we have Nioh, an action-adventure title which is still fairly young only being released back in 2017. The hack and slash style of gameplay and the overwhelming amount of demons for you to fight your way through should make Dark Souls players feel right at home. Set in the 1600s in Japan, you play surprisingly enough as an Irish samurai named Willaim. Yeah, I don’t know either so don’t ask. You set out into a world filled with all sorts of demons and monsters to slay, each with different attack strategies and weaknesses to exploit.

In terms of loot, there’s plenty to go around and trust me you’re going to need it. Whether its classic throwing stars, bows, spears, rifles, yeah you read that right, elemental based magic or of course your trusty Katana there’s a weapon for every type of situation. You’ll want to collect and upgrade your armor too because Nioh is a long and difficult journey, one which will test your patience and skill as a Samurai warrior. If Nioh sounds like your type of adventure nows the perfect time to give it a try with Nioh 2’s open beta launching in November and the full game releasing March of next year.

Nioh was met with plenty of positive reviews at launch and has a Metacritic score of 88 and a user score of 8.5. Give the trailer a watch below:

Outlast 2


Our second game for November is perfect for those of you still craving that horror vibe. Only unlike Nioh, Outlast 2 is a first-person horror survival game that forces you to run and hide from the dangers lurking around every corner rather than fight them head-on. After your helicopter crashes, you are stranded in seemingly the middle of nowhere and armed only with your faithful camcorder you set out to find civilization. What you come across instead is a murderous religious cult who are convinced the end of the world is upon us. If that wasn’t bad enough, Outlast throws some supernatural terrors into the mix too.

What’s cool about Outlast is, the game takes you back to your character’s childhood, taking into account some of his earlier life choices which can actually result in two different endings. Enough of a reason for you to replay Outlast 2, or is one playthrough enough this time?

Outlast 2 has fairly strong reviews at launch and has a Metacritic score of 68 and a user score of 7.0. Check out the trailer below:

Deal of the Week

The deal of the week this week happens to be a newly released game, Ghost Recon: Breakpoint. It’s sitting at £41.39 with 31% off. 

Halloween Sale

If you’re quick you can still grab some pretty great discounts in the Halloween Sale before it ends November 1st. Mortal Kombat 11 is currently £32.99 with 40% off, Resident Evil 2 is only £24.99 with 44% off and, Red Dead Redemption 2 Ultimate Edition is half price at £39.99 with 55% off. There are also a few good horror titles to tie you over until Outlast 2 arrives, including the original Outlast for only £3.29 with 78% off, Dead Island Definitive Collection which is only £6.49 with 67% offDead by Daylight Special edition which is only £11.99 at 60% off and, the scariest game of them all Fallout 76 which is £18.99 with 68% off. That one sends a chill down my spine.

Games Under £13

For games under £13, we have the Battlefield Bundle, which contains both Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline for £7.99 with 68% off, Superhot is only £7.99 with 60% off, F1 2018 is only £9.99 at 81% off and, Mafia 3 Deluxe Edition is £12.99 with 74% off. 

That about wraps it up for November’s PS Plus Games. Will you be slaying demons left, right and center throughout ancient Japan or will you stomach a trip down memory lane in Outlast 2? I’m tempted to give Outlast 2 a try but let’s face it I’m going to give up straight away, I wasn’t built for horror games. Let us know your thoughts on this month’s PS Plus offerings down below or over on Twitter.

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