How it all Began?

It all started with an original premise. The world needed a hero and it looks like all the muscle bound stereotypical ones were all out posing for comic covers. Fortunately for us and humanity, there was a new champion in town. Well…maybe not a “new” champion. More like an old one. So we gave a big heroes welcome to 80 year old Lottie Thorn, her young friend Sarah, and her equally aged Guardian Peruvia. Their mission? To stop a gluttonous multi-eyed monster from consuming the world. Is that all??

As the first four issues unfolded, it was clear that Lottie would need to learn all she could in a short time to be ready. Fortunately she had Sarah who had her back and seemed to have a magical knack…(unintentional rhyme…I swear). But not all worked out as might have been scripted. That can happen when your Guardian decides to make a different vocational choice and little blue imp named Pickle decides to move in. But hey, as the old saying goes, “if it was easy, everyone would do it.” As it was, Sarah discovered some magical recipes that seemed right down Lottie’s oven door. Will they prove to be blue ribbon worthy and help stomp a monsters butt along the way? This is where we found out.

The Story Continues

When we last left our story, Miss Peruvia decided to throw caution and perhaps wisdom to the wind and joined with Court in his ravenous plans. It didn’t take long for the combined pair to begin helping themselves to human hors d’oeuvres. While the creature (and Peruvia) enjoyed the power they received from these snacks, they were waiting for the main course…Lottie. Why settle for common people when there’s a powerful champion to chow down on?

As for Lottie and Sarah, they had just finished their culinary cavalcade. But if the upheaval in the kitchen is any indication of the “mess” they will make out of their salivary antagonist, it might be worth it.  Sarah, who seems to believe that Lottie’s victory is a given, is more concerned what happens afterwards.

She wants things back as they were. She has plans. College, boys, career, boys…what any 16 year old girl might want. Pickle believes that going back to status quo would not necessarily be for the best. Recent events have not been all that great in the world. As far as Pickle is concerned, sometimes bringing things to an end is not such a bad thing. So says the magical blue Fey who no doubt wouldn’t have to deal with the bad outcome. Good thing HE’S not making the decisions. Lottie is and she wants to load up their baked weaponry and see what comes of it.

Peruvia/Court Union

When Lottie, Sarah, and Pickle arrive at the scene, they survey the carnage that PeruvaCourt has wrought. It looks as bad as they feared. Still…they hadn’t did all that baking for nothing. And one thing was for sure, the monster had NO qualms about eating things. So with that in mind, they decided to make their first culinary assault. Battle SCONES front and center. Ready, Aim, SERVE!! Lottie throws the baked goods with the skill of the Champion she is. And just as they suspected, they were readily consumed and gave the creature a brief tummy ache but did no real damage. Curses Betty Crocker!

While this was disappointing, Lottie was undeterred. She still had more baked weapons as well as a bread based sword. Let’s do this thing!! (Well…Not EXACTLY what she said…see above). She literally jumped into the fray firing more Battle Scones as she did. As she landed close, she called to the monster, trying to reach her once Guardian Peruvia. Lottie assumed that Peruvia had to be in there somewhere. Court assured her that there was no way to “talk” her way out of the inevitable conclusion of their confrontation. However, Lottie ALSO realized something important. Court NEEDED Lottie. He needed her power to consume the planet as he plans and he didn’t deny it.

An Offer a Monster Can’t Refuse

Considering this, she offered Court a deal. The literal “offer you can’t refuse.” She would allow him to consume her as he wished. But in exchange, he would release Peruvia and would allow Sarah, Pickle and Peruvia to escape unharmed. Court didn’t hesitate as he spit out Peruvia as if expelling a hair ball.

Remarkable, Peruvia was surprised and seemingly disappointed that he so readily gave her up. She felt like they might have had….something. Pickle was also surprised. Surprised that she had let herself believe that. Court was a liar. He had used her. It was what he did.

Since Court had so readily conceded to her offer, Lottie was ready to give him what he wanted. Perhaps even MORE than he wanted. Without hesitation, she jumped right down his gullet. But not before she winked at Peruvia. Court relished the power he got from the Champion. Perhaps TOO much power. He realized quickly that gobbling down your food can sometimes cause digestion problems. Especially when that food has the power of a Champion who just possibly brought along some added goodies with her. As it was, what he just ate didn’t agree with him. (Anyone have some “Champion” Anti-Acids?) In fact, it proved to be explosive intestinal issues as he burst out from within. One might call it a coming out party…and he was the guest of honor.

Spilling his Guts

After the monster guts cleared, there stood our Champion Lottie. Not too much the worse for wear, if you don’t consider the monster entrails decorating her attire. Peruvia was still disheveled and confused about how she felt. Sarah for one was thrilled to see Lottie and she gave her a warm if not messy hug. Our Champion had come out on top but there was now a major mess to clean up. And they would have to be the ones to do it. Time to clean up and rebuild.


This series has been a breath of fresh air since it’s start. Mixed with steady stream of witty banter and the perceptions that only aged wisdom can provide, it supplied a unique look at the super hero genre. One baked good at a time. And it worked, Gram’s skillet and all. So now that this tale has reached an end, now what?

The challenge for pretty much any short series is to make a plausible ending but leave a crack in the door for the future. The creative minds at Ahoy are especially adept at this and Miss McCourt was as well. She brought the story to an end but left enough threads to latch onto if the opportunity arose. For example, there is the matter of Miss Peruvia Ashlington-Voss. It would appear that Miss Peruvia might need some support. Or perhaps a good counselor. This was no doubt a traumatic experience.

As was mentioned in our “interview“ with Miss Peruvia, she came from a long line of Guardians. However, because of the decision she made and the fact that she basically turned away from her champion, there may be repercussions. It wasn’t like she left Court on her own. He threw her up…or aside. One of those directions.

In fact, I could see a scenario where she faces a Guardian tribunal for her actions. Perhaps Lottie might even agree to testify on her behalf. Better yet, Pickle could be her “defense attorney.” Or maybe even the Prosecuting Attorney. Knowing Pickle, he would try to do both! Of course, I’m just spitballing here. The fact remains that Miss McCourt has left herself options. That’s always a good thing.


This Issue provided artist Soo Lee and colorist Pippa Bowland to really stretch their creative muscles. While their work has proven very strong in the series as a whole, it seemed that they brought a little extra to the party for Issue 5. Miss Lee’s splash panels really shined along with Miss Bowland’s color work. Talk about ending this part of the series (positive thinking in action) with an artistic bang. I would also be remiss if I didn’t once again mention the brilliant cover work of Jill Thompson. Each and every one has a been a whimsical tour de force.

So the end of this series has come and now, quite frankly, it’s up to the readers whether or not there is more to tell. Pretty much all hands on the creative deck have expressed their enthusiasm for another slice of the pie (so to speak). Time will tell if that pie will be baked and we get to visit Ash and Thorn again. From the reactions, I would put the possibility as promising. Have you been following the Ash and Thorn story? If so, what did you think of the final? Do you feel there is more story to tell here? Let’s us know here at Geek Vibes Nation.

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