[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image=”14603″ img_size=”400×209″ alignment=”center”][vc_column_text]As  I mentioned in the past, I jumped into Fox’s The Orville Season 2 without watching season one. Thus I have sort of a learning curve to make up to understand the crew relationships and command structure. I have tried to keep this in mind as I watch and comment on each episode. Perhaps it is this learning curve that made it kind of strange to me to see the ships response to a first contact mission in last weeks All the World is a Birthday Cake. 

Since Seth MacFarlane has made his show a homage to Star Trek, you would think that first contact was kind of mission number one for a Union ship. The crew acts like they are being told there’s a “kegger” being held at a schoolmate’s home while their parents are away. With the high-fiving and almost giddy reaction, it is hardly a professional look.

Also, it seems rather foolish to initiate “first contact” without knowing anything about what you were getting yourself into. Perhaps, if you had did some more research, you would have known about the Regorians obsessive fear of a certain astrological sign and certainly kept to themselves what their birthdays were. The Regorians showed no sign of bringing it up themselves before Commander Grayson volunteered the information which is when all hell broke loose. That kind of incident is why in Star Trek land, they send teams to either blend in with the inhabitants or secure a hidden vantage point in order to observe and learn as much as they can before blundering in, putting themselves and the chance at a diplomatic relationship at risk.

That all being said, they resolved the issue and saved Commander Grayson and Bortus who had the misfortune of being born at the wrong time of year. In addition, new security chief Talla Keyali proved  her worth by discovering their reason for their fear of that time of year and its astrological significance. This even earned her the right to punch Captain Mercer if necessary. (Watch the beginning of the episode to understand THAT reference). I sure as heck don’t remember Captain Picard giving Lt. Worf that opportunity.

Despite my objections to how first contact was handled, it was a pretty good episode. All I would ask is for when “First Contact” comes about again, as they say in football when you score a TD, “Act like you’ve been there before.”

Eneba Many GEOs

What did you think of All the Worlds a Birthday Cake? Did you like how Captain Mercer and crew handled first contact? Share your viewpoints with us at GVNation.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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