General Antiope’s death in Wonder Woman was a sad scene to watch; Antiope was a strong character and integral in Wonder Woman’s upbringing and who doesn’t love Robin Wright?

Recently, speaking with Porter; Wright revealed about a flashback scene she had filmed for Wonder Woman 1984:

Eneba Many GEOs

Shooting a flashback sequence in Spain with Connie Nielsen for Wonder Woman 1984. – Porter.

Wright will not only appear in a flashback scene in the upcoming sequel to Wonder Woman, but the latest and final season of House of Cards. Along with Wright, Chris Pine will return to Wonder Woman 1984 as Steve Trevor. Now that we know about flashbacks, maybe Pine comes back in flashback scenes? Though, this is unlikely, as we can see him in scenes with Gal Gadot as she’s in 80s apparel.

Fans can look forward to Robin Wright returning to Wonder Woman 1984 on November 1, 2019.

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