‘Saints Row’ Writer Greg Russo Says Film Is Inspired By ‘The Warriors’ and ‘Escape From New York’

The writer, Greg Russo, for the upcoming movie, Saints Row, has stated that the movie will be based on films such as The Warriors and Escape From New York. This adaptation was announced in 2019. Russo was also cowriter of the soon to be released Mortal Kombat (released on April 23rd). Details are few and far between at the time without a draft of the screenplay completed. Russo recently mentioned his influences for the Saints Row adaptation in an interview with Collider:

I looked at different films that I really love”

“I’m a big fan of ’70s cinema, so I looked at The Warriors. I looked at Escape From New York and I said, ‘how do we pull from some of those and tell our own unique story?‘”

Russo also mentioned the challenges that come with balancing the dark and gritty tones with the first three video games and the wild, absurd antics of the later games—the main character soon became the President of The United States followed by the discovery that the world was a simulation by alien invaders. This movie is sure to be a wacky ride for viewers. Greg Russo certainly has plenty of material to work with, and he is fast becoming a go-to writer for video game film adaptations.

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