Screen Pass: Movies Anywhere Just Made Sharing Digital Copies Super Easy

In the past decade, the rise of digital movies has completely shifted the movie industry. Consumers want to be able to access their collections wherever they go on their own terms, and Hollywood has made big strides to give them what they want. Not only can you purchase or rent nearly every major Hollywood movie you can thing of digitally, most big studio releases on Blu-Ray or 4K UHD come with a digital copy included to give consumers an extra option as to how they view their movies. There have been several digital services that have risen and fallen during this time, but one of the biggest platforms at the center of all things digital is Movies Anywhere. Most major studios seem to be on board fully with Movies Anywhere, and the company just took a major step in how we use our digital copies.

If you are tired of worrying about loaning out your movies and not having them returned, or if you just want to stop giving out your login information to your freeloader friends, Movies Anywhere has the perfect solution for you. Screen Pass is a new feature that the company just started beta testing that allows users to share eligible titles within their Movies Anywhere collection with their friends or family for a limited amount of time. Users are currently allotted three titles a month, and they can keep track of what movies are loaned out under their settings. The only thing you have to do to remain eligible is add a new movie to your collection at least once every six months.

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Be sure to go here to be considered for early access during this initial beta testing. What titles would you best most excited to share with your friends? Let us know over on Twitter!

Source: Collider 

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