Six must-see College Movies for College Students on Netflix

Different people have varying views regarding why they watch the film. Whereas some students might watch a movie to relax their minds and pass the time, others do it to learn essential life lessons. For instance, some films are usually based on love, kindness, nurturing talents, among so many other things. On the same note, it is vital never to forget that we live during the Covid 19 era and hence to some people, life can be suffocating and boring. Apparently, it is not a surprise that Netflix has reported a significant increase in subscribers. As mentioned above, different people will have varying perceptions of watching movies. If you are among those people that believe that watching movies is counter-productive, you should not worry. This is because an individual could watch different inspirational and educative films on Netflix. If your parents and guardians keep questioning your decision to watch movies, you could tell them that they are meant for your online classes.

Generally, being a student is not a walk in the park. This is because students are required to accomplish various things simultaneously. Individuals will need to go for their classes, complete their assignments, go to their part-time jobs, and spare sufficient time to rest. Unfortunately, most students often forget that sleep is as essential as the good grades they are seeking. Therefore, students must always spare some time to relax. Once in a while, students might have difficulty completing their assignments because of reasons beyond their control. If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, you might consider asking for help from the right people and places. Students can always take help from reputable custom writing companies like Peachy Essay. This article describes must-see college movies for college students on Netflix.


This is a 2006 movie whose main character is Juston Long, a high school slacker who was denied every school opportunity he applied for admission. As a result, he opted to begin his learning institution on a random property close to his hometown. Apparently, it is one of the funny college movies that provides students with a vital lesson. Regardless of how much an individual faces rejection, they should never give up since everything will work out perfectly when the right time comes.

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The House Bunny

This is a 2008 movie that has essential lessons for students. The movie is about a Playboy named Bunny, who is chased out from their mansion and thereafter seeks a new place to stay and work. He secures a management job from the different work opportunities where he learns about the different values that lead to sisterhood. Most college students like partying without taking sufficient time to think about the repercussions it causes on their lives. In this movie, an individual learns about the campus parties and life’s sorority.

The Internship

This is a 2013 movie where an individual learns more about age. After watching the movie, you will realize that age is just a number. The storyline is about two men who are fresh out of college. Apparently, they enrol for an internship opportunity, where they take part in stiff competition in their workplace. If you want to understand better how post-graduate life is, the various internship opportunities, and how an individual can be competitive in the job market, you should watch this movie.


This is a 1993 movie with many meaningful life lessons for high school and college students. People are always unwilling to make essential life decisions because they fear what people say about them. The movie is about a lady named Rudy who is from a small village where people like to mind their business. Unfortunately, despite her interest to play sports while in college, she had to deal with a lot of negative energy because of her small size. Apparently, Rudy eventually proves everyone wrong, mainly when she teaches about the importance of following your dreams and desires in life despite the comments made by other people.


The Social Network

This is a 2003 movie where students learn that they can go as far as they would wish to go. Anyone in this world can achieve anything provided they are willing to get out of their comfort zones. The movie highlights students’ lives while in college. The main character is a student genius who begins a small project that ends up making him not only famous but also rich. However, despite the significant growth, it is essential to note that it came with legal and personal issues. The movie is ideal for students who wish to become entrepreneurs or venture into computer programming.

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The Great Debaters

This is one of the movies that I enjoyed watching. Despite the significant advancement in globalization, it is unfortunate that people still have to deal with racism. In the current generation, technological advancement has made it easier for people to mingle and interact with one another. Currently, people are intermarrying, and hence, issues of racism should not be so much. Apparently, the movie’s storyline is based on actual story events where a college coach strives to offer black and white people equal opportunities and benefits. Unfortunately, the college teacher’s decisions and plans prove challenging since racism seems to disrupt the spirit of healthy competition. From the movie, there is no doubt that when students unite, they can make more progress in their lives. Students should not let racial differences stop them from achieving their academic desires.

The advancement in technology has significantly transformed the education sector. However, it is essential to note that in some cases, technology can have negative impacts since it might disrupt an individual from attaining their life and academic goals. Undoubtedly, most students spend their time online watching movies, which is unhealthy. This does not mean you will be wasting your time by watching movies. Instead, students can gain so much by learning how to manage their time effectively. Watching films is an excellent way of relaxing and passing the time. Therefore, students can utilize their free time by watching films that have essential life lessons.

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