Even when you are not looking to start the party just yet, tips for improving the audio setup in your home are important because poor sound kills your desire to listen to music and the delight they give. Sometimes, you don’t want to travel to the cinema, but your favorite series will sound enjoyable when better sound and visuals play out, right? if so, then you can make your sitting room the most loved place in your home not because people love to sit there but they will have the best entertainment anytime.

So, if you would like to improve the audio setup of your home, here are smart tips that will bring on the vibes and make you skip the cinema and crave home at the end of every day.


  1. Do you want the thundering bass? Skip the corners

It is an old tradition or you can say for space management’s sake, speakers are placed at the room corners and that has denied many, the pleasure their ears deserve for centuries. Well, you should know better ways of getting the best from your subwoofer and if you don’t own a subwoofer yet, start with getting one.

As you may or may not know, the bass note comes out of waves that peak at some spots of excess bass, and usually, some nulls do cancel sound, denying you the romance of thundering bass. So, it’s high time you ditched the century-old practice of corner placement of speakers, try some other locations that will still add to the aesthetics of your living room.


  1. No sound bar restriction.

You are going to be undoing a lot of stuff you’ve mastered over the years in your sitting room setting. Since you are looking to make the best out of your Sonos Australia audio setup at home, you will have to skip the practice of squeezing all the speakers into a cabinet. Yes, this practice was ideal for home theaters which helped with the television and others but for quality sound production, it will not give you the knack you crave. So, feel free to undo the soundbar cabinet, keep the left and right speakers apart from each other, and welcome the groove.


  1. Move your surround speakers around

They have surrounded speakers and can be moved so, why place it at one spot for years, take note that every music acoustic gives a sweet sound when placed at the best locations. So, move your surround speakers close to the sidewalls and make sure they are placed above your ear level for better sound production.


  1. Prop your speakers at a triangular position, opposite each other

As mentioned earlier, where you place every musical equipment matters if the quality sound is to be obtained and you can try doing something like this. Try making an equilateral triangular setup with your speakers, place the right and left channels at equal length/distance from each other to enhance production. This position will prevent sound overlap and improve the stereo effect which is the life of music production.


  1. Amplifiers are great, make good use of them

As their name says, they are great volume enhancers and you can help your family have great sound if used properly. Since their role is to upgrade the sound from the speakers, do well to add an extra supporting amplifier to your musical system, ditching the pre-amps and other accessories to count on optimum production anytime.

  1. Tweak your streaming settings for better output

These days, music is listened to from digital services like Spotify and the rest, and most of these digital platforms are not configured with the best sound support at default, meaning, you can help yourself. So, start by tweaking your settings to 320 kilobits-per-second (kbps) and help yourself get the best sound production. While you may worry about the toll these changes will exert on your cellular, it is still worth the cost if you find out the friendly bit rate or choose other helpful streaming services too.


  1. Plant your bookshelf speakers on the stand

Bookshelves have a subtle way of trapping sounds, giving in buzz and making all the crabby distortions to sounds. So, a nice way of evading their unintentional peskiness is to place them on stands, that way, the sounds will travel and spice the atmosphere the way they are designed to work.

Finally remember the curtains, as cool and penetrating sound waves are, they have a subtle way of hiding behind curtains, glasses, and other barriers they meet on the way. So, remember to pull the curtains away and allow the sound waves to have a free trip all over the place.

For more tips on sound efficiency for your home entertainment, you are welcome to revisit this site.


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