The footage will be released late August, a week after Gamescon. 

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After Square Enix’s Marvels Avengers was first shown off at E3 2019, fans have eagerly been awaiting a new look at the game. Many thought that they would finally get a peek at the game in all its glory at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con during the Avengers panel but the short demo was only shown to attendees.

The official Marvels avengers Twitter account was live-tweeting throughout the panel however and has confirmed when exactly we will get a full look at the demo for ourselves. It is looking like the demo will be released a week after Gamescon 2019.

Gamescon itself will last from August 20-24 so we can expect a look at the demo somewhere during the week of August 26th. This almost month-long wait, combined with the recently revealed “revamped” look for Black Widow in the game shows that developers Square Enix are listening to fans and still have a solid month to tweak and polish the demo.

The demo itself sounds pretty interesting, with a short leaked clip of the demo shown at Comic-Con being uploaded to YouTube. The clip showed off some Thor gameplay in which he sends enemies flying with a strike from Mjolnir as well as using his mythical hammer to pin an enemy down whilst finishing off the rest with his fists. He also pulls off some impressive mid-air juggling combos, which all looked pretty neat. Marvel’s Avengers is set to release May 15, 2020, on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia.

Are you excited for Marvels Avengers, or are you waiting until we get a proper look at the demo in August? let us know down below or over on Twitter.

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