Because I am a big believer in truth in media, I admit to you now I am almost 55 years old. I also will tell you that the closest I will EVER get to pushing 250 pounds is when I get out of bed. What does ANY of this have to do with our usual topics? Because apparently, Sylvester Stallone has begun the push to prepare himself physically for his upcoming Rambo movie.

Stallone has claimed the crown to be the king of comeback sequels. Stallone brought back Rocky Balboa in 2006 and then audiences were able to return once again with Creed, the 2015 sequel to the Rocky Balboa films. Now in the category of “when a concept works, stick with it,” next up in the return list is his iconic warrior-soldier character John Rambo. The yet unnamed film is set to hit the silver screen for the fifth film in the series almost ten years after its last sequel.

To perhaps inspire others who think it’s too late to push yourself to do something (message received, Sly)Stallone shared a video of himself getting in shape for the film on Instagram. Almost effortlessly pushing a 250 lb weight across a gym decorated with inspirational memorabilia, the 72-year-old actor makes a case for hard work and effort despite of his age.

Eneba Many GEOs

Check out the video below!

Does seeing Stallone bringing it in the gym get you pumped to see what he does with the next Rambo? Perhaps you were already on board. Pick up your device, hit the comments, and give us thoughts at GVNation.

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