The one story line that fans seem to want out of Star Wars more than anything is the Knights of the Old Republic. News about a movie or TV series has long been a rumor. According to FandomWire, the fan-favorite BioWare game Knight of the Old Republic is being developed as a Disney+ series. This news should be taken with a truck load of salt though since we have not been able to verify this with anyone else and as stated above, this rumor has been out there for some time now.

Star Wars is taking a hiatus for the time being but it is returning in 2022 with a rumored High Republic film. However, our sources have told us that Disney is working on a Knights of the Old Republic show and movie.

Now if this is true then LucasFilm needs to make the Knight of the Old Republic their main priority, not just for a Disney+ series but into the film saga as well. The Knights of the Old Republic is a massive time period and deserves the Big screen treatment, not just a Disney+ series.

What are your thoughts on this rumor? Let me know what you think.

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