One of American Gods’ most popular characters was Orlando Jones’ Mr. Nancy. This is why it was incredibly shocking to hear the actor announce that he had been fired from the show. Furthermore, it was even more shocking to find out that he had been let go because of season three show runner Charles “Chic” Eglee not liking how “angry” Jones’ Anansi was. While Fremantle has maintained their claims that season three simply didn’t need Mr. Nancy, our own interview with the actor, plus others reveal a different story.

Now Starz president and CEO Jeffrey Hirsch is making a statement that backs up Fremantle’s claim:

Eneba Many GEOs

“Chic and the team decided to be in an area where Mr. Nancy didn’t play a prominent role.” He went on to call Jones “a tremendous talent and a really great person” and noted that American Gods is “one of the most diverse shows on television” (via Variety).

Considering Jones was one of the biggest draws and that he wrote much of season two during behind the scenes problems, this is sad. It’s sad to see a great show do this to one of their best actors.

What do you think about Starz’s statement?

Source: CB

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